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Notes/Domino 6 and 7 Forum

Notes/Domino 6 and 7 Forum


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~Mario Rejipyzenader 10.Mar.07 12:30 PM a Web browser
Domino Designer 7.0.2 Windows XP

Before I switch to LS to do this, I thought I'd ask in here as I feel there could be a really simple and elegant way to do this in formula that I'm overlooking...

I have a list of strings and I'd like to find which string occurs the most often in the list. If there isn't one which occurs more often than the others, just return the first one, e.g:

cat:dog:mouse:dog would return dog

cat:dog:mouse would return cat

I don't know beforehand which values are likely to be in the list, so I can't loop through a list of possible values to do the count.

Anyone got a nice little formula for this?


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